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I was celebrating Christmas with my boyfriend abroad, we made food that we really liked and were looking forward to our own special Christmas. But by the time evening arrived, I missed my family so much that I was crying all the time…
I once gave an wooden spoon to my aunt, it had a picture of an elf on the shaft, I kind of liked it, the next year I got it back from her…
I go to the graveyard to light candles. I love seeing the whole graveyard filled with lights. It makes me feel both sadness and joy.

I loved the pattern of the Moroccan carpet; it opened up a new world. We ran, following the curvy lines of flowers and branches as if in trance, hoping to reach the opening of the labyrinth where a treasure would be revealed in front of our eyes.

My heart was operated on and I was among my loved ones. We were lying in the pool outside.Texas was warm even in the winter.
Suddenly it started to snow!The cold front hit the warm weather and the snow came as a gift from heaven. The feeling of being alive was so strong and I was so grateful.

Everybody becomes kind and sharing and you know its not true,. Its something they do because its Christmas. It's so false. I don’t want to celebrate it.
n this abandoned farm I found a box of garments. It was the perfect Christmas gift.
Nowadays my whole family sleep in Sacred Mormon underwear.
What do we know? This might be our last Christmas together. What do we know about life and death?
Although the neighbour had made a fire, the summer cottage was so cold! We had to go to the country church to keep warm. By 5 am on the first day of Christmas we were all in the car on our way home.
At Christmas we spend time together, read books and enjoy culture. The most important aspect of Christmas is culture - books and music. If I don’t get any new books as presents, I buy them myself.
Based on true stories from people's Christmas memories, shared
in exchange for help with Christmas preparation

Thanks to

Helmi Leinonen

Heli Jarvelin

Hanna Soudunsaari-Pikkarainen

Mark Maher


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